The guide featured below will show you how to set up Outlook on a Windows PC and also configure two factor authentication for signing into your RGU email account. 

1. Type into your web browser search bar and sign in using your RGU email address and password.You should now see a screen stating that more information is required.

Follow the instruction in the guide here to complete the setup: Multi Factor Authentication - registration : IT Service Desk ( 

2. Now navigate to and sign in using your RGU email address and password. You should now see a list of Microsoft Office apps on the left hand side as well as an "Install Office" button on the right side. 


3. Click on the "install Office" button and then select "Office 365 apps" which will then start the download of the Office installer. 

4. Run the installer and Office will now start installing. Note that it can take some time to install and vary depending on your device. 

5. Once Office has installed, there will be a variety of Office applications visible under the start menu. Among these is Outlook. Open it up and enter your RGU email address when prompted to complete the setup.