At some point you may need to update the authentication methods that are on your account, this may be due to you getting a new mobile phone, a new phone number or you've started to use a different email address. This article will guide you through this process. 

Note : These methods require you to have to the OLD Authentication methods that are on your account. Should you have lost access to one of your forms of authentication , please skip ahead to the section "Lost access to an authentication method". 

Accessing the Authentication Methods on Your account

To begin please go to the following website : My Sign-Ins (  | Login with your RGU email address and password, you may also need to complete the current authentication methods on your account

You should then see a page similar to the one below : 

From this page , you will be able to remove and add the forms of authentication.

Authenticator App

To update your authenticator app , you'll have to delete the old connection that is currently on your account. You can do this by selecting the "Delete" option to the right of the Authenticator tab highlighted below : 

After deleting this connection , select the option "Add Method" and select "Authentication App" from the drop down list like below : 

After selecting this option , you can follow the steps to add the authenticator app the same way you would have last time! If you have any issues please see the attached guide to this article titled "SSPR - User Enrolment Guide ". 

Once completed, your new authenticator app connection will be displayed in the "Security-Info" tab , and the connection should be visible on your authenticator app. 

Phone Number or Email address

For updating either Phone numbers or Email addresses you have the ability to simply change the one that is currently set on the account. Select the option "Change" next to the Phone/Email Tab seen below : 

A new pop up box will appear ,it will display your current Phone number / Email address. Make the changes you require ,

    What you'll see if changing the phone number

What you'll see when changing the Email

After entering your new details and clicking "next" it will then send a code to your Mobile/Email to confirm the authentication method is valid. 

Once completed you should see the updated method in your security-info tab. 

Lost access to Authentication Methods

If you lose access to any of your authentication steps such as your Mobile Device with the authenticator app on it was lost/stolen or you've had to change phone numbers and don't have access to the original you won't be able to access your account. 

You will have to contact ourselves at to request the authentication methods to be cleared on our end , if in the email body you could include the following information :

For Students

- Student Number

- Home address 

- Date of Birth 

For Staff

- Home address 

- Date of Birth 


Note : Staff accounts will need to be verified with HR as we don't have access to staff details , so this may increase time taken in getting this resolved.