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macOS Monterey Upgrade Guide 2022/2023

Please download the macOS Monterey Installer from the RGU Apps Portal. You will find it as a featured app under the Home section (See Below)

It can also be downloaded by going to System Preferences > Software Update on your Mac.

Once it has finished downloading it will show as available to ‘Open’ however do not open it. Instead return back to the Home page of the RGU Apps portal and install the macOS Monterey Upgrade. (See Above) You will then be prompted you to input your password twice to trigger the upgrade.



Once completed your Mac will restart and you will be prompted to log in. Please allow a few more minutes for more updates during login. Once logged in you will be running the latest version of macOS Monterey.

Please note if you have any questions or experience any issues with your upgrade please contact the RGU IT Service Desk for assistance. IT Service Desk Support – e-mail: itservicedesk@rgu.ac.uk / tel. 01224 26(2777)

RGU IT Service Desk Support Portal - Support : IT Service Desk (rgu.ac.uk)