Getting Started with your RGU Mac


  1. Power on your Macbook for the first time. It will boot to a Welcome screen where it will ask you to select your location. Proceed through setup until you are prompted to connect to Wifi if you are not using a wired connection. Once your internet connection is established you will come to a Remote Management screen which will allow automatic configuration of your Macbook and will install RGU’s Macbook Configuration.
  2. Your Macbook will continue setup and will come to a login screen. Please allow a few minutes for the login screen below to appear Once it is available please input your RGU e-mail address and password. This will then create a local account on the Mac with the name of the user account created being your e-mail address without the (i.e. would create a local account called bob.gordon1)



3. Whilst creating your local it will also prompt to Enable FileVault. Please ensure you select ‘Don’t Allow’ at this point so we can enable this later in the setup.


4. Once you have logged in and reach the desktop screen open your Applications folder and Open ‘RGU Apps’. In the RGU Apps portal go to the Utilities section and select ‘Configure RGU Mac’. Click Install.



5. Once you have clicked install a popup window will appear and start automatically configuring your Macbook. It will install all the essential applications that you require to get started (Citrix Workspace, Office 365 Suite, Teams, Zoom, Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus etc.)



6. Once the automatic configuration has completed you will now be required to logout to enable FileVault Encryption. You will be asked to input your password. This encrypts the drive of your Macbook to ensure that in the event of it being lost or stolen that your data is not accessible.


Finished! Your RGU Macbook is ready to use. Simply log back in and get started.

Should you have any further queries or technical issues our IT service desk is available on Tel: 01224 2627777 or via e-mail