Opening an NHS Encrypted Email


Encrypted emails are designed to be opened via a secure web browser or authenticated device. Opening an encrypted email in Outlook Web Access or on Outlook for Mobile Devices/Mobile App will automatically open the email normally.

When you receive an encrypted email via Outlook Desktop you will see the following symbol:


When opened you will not see the message or any attachments but will be presented with a link:

Click on Read the message to open the Protected Message Portal. From here you will be prompted to login to your email account

Click on Sign in with a work or school account at which point you’ll be prompted for your RGU login credentials. Enter these to confirm access to the email (if you are on an RGU device you may not have to do this step due to Single Sign On)

You will now have access to the email to read and reply as required.


Closing an NHS Encrypted Email

When you wan to close your email simply click the Sign Out button towards the top right. You will be prompted as follows

Click the Top option to log out of the message only or the second option to sign out of all Microsoft services that are logged into online.