You have the ability to create custom calendars, separate from your personal calendar. This can be useful for teams in a department to set up a single point where all Annual Leave, Out of office appointments etc can be correlated into one calendar so people get a better understanding of whose available and when. 

Step One - Create the calendar 

Open the outlook app ,select the calendar area at the bottom left 

From here look at the top ribbon under the "Home" tab , there will be an option with a green plus sign named "Add Calendar". Select this and then choose the option "Create New Blank Calendar". 

In the pop up window , enter the name of the Calendar , and leave the next two options ( Folder Contains, Where to place the folder )  set to default. This will create the calendar and add it under your "My Calendars" section shown below 

Step Two - Adding Users to the calendar 

Right click on your newly created calendar and select the option "Sharing Permissions" ( 2nd from the bottom ) , in the pop up window you'll be moved into the permissions tab , select the option "add" 

From the new pop up window search for the team members you want to add and select "Add" when they're highlighted and then select Okay. You can select add to multiple users at once before selecting okay. 

Note : When searching for the Team members , you have to search for the full name rather than the email address 

After selecting okay you should be taken back to the permissions tab , with the new team members filling the "Currently Sharing with". 

Step 3 - Set Permissions for each user 

Highlight the user(s) that were added , and select the permission level you wish them to have. Details of each level below : 

Can view when I'm busy -- When the user views the Calendar they can only see a blocked out area when you'll be out of office / in a meeting etc. No additional information such as what it is and where you are will be shown. 

Can View titles and locations -- Same as the above permission , however they get to see the title of the appointment and where ( if applicable )  

Can View all details -- Same as the last two , but also includes the ability to see any additional info on the block , such as Notes on the meeting , whose invited etc 

Can edit -- Can do all the above , including the ability to add to the calendar. This would be useful if trying to have a shared calendar for Holidays for example , so users can enter when they'd be away to the calendar and add to the title " Amy Annual Leave " for example. 

After you've added all the perms you deem required for each user , select "Ok" this will send out an email to each member offering them to add the shared calendar. The email will contain a button to "Accept" , once accepted they should see the Shared calendar within their own Calendar section. 

If you have any issues setting up or sharing the calendar , please contact us at , or call us on 01224 262777. We can assist you from there!