You can get access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite through your RGU Email account , given that you have the licences applied. 

Step One : Where do I get the Licences?


Students can only get access to the Adobe Licence group directly through their Academic School. Make a case to a member of staff within your School ( Lecturer, Course lead etc ) that you require access to the Adobe apps and they will be able to put through a request on your behalf to ourselves on the IT Service Desk


Staff members that require access to the adobe suite can make a request by emailing ourselves at , with the business reason you require access to the adobe apps. As we have a pool of staff licences but these are limited so a valid reason for requiring them is required. 

Step 2 : Where to Download the Creative Cloud App 

For accessing on personal devices

Creative Cloud Can be downloaded from the adobe website here : Adobe Creative Cloud download 

Run the Installer , go through the instructions provided and allow the Creative Cloud to be installed onto your device. 

You'll know it's successfully been installed when the creative cloud app is on your desktop. 

Launch the app and move onto the next step 

Staff on RGU build laptops / On Campus Desktop PCs 

Creative Cloud can be installed onto the device without the need of Admin Rights , search for Company Portal ( RGU laptops ) or Software Centre ( Campus PC ) and launch the first selection ( below example is of Company Portal , but it's generally the same for Software Centre also just some minor visual differences). 

Enter in the search bar "Creative Cloud" , you should then see the below option 

Select this and then hit install , after a short while the app should appear as installed in the company portal/software centre and the app icon should be on your Desktop. 

Step 3 : How to Login to the Creative Cloud app

Once you have the correct licences applied , and the app installed onto your Device signing in is the easiest part!

Load the app and you will be shown the below screen 

Enter your RGU email and select Continue , you may be prompted to select if this is a personal account or a school/work account. Select "School / Work " , you will then be prompted with the RGU email account login box. Enter your password and you should then log into the Creative Cloud app successfully!

Step 4 : How to download specific apps through the creative cloud

Once you have access to the Creative Cloud application it's very straightforward. You will see a list of apps available to you. Find the app you want installed onto your Device , and simply select "Install" ,you can also search for specific apps from the search bar at the top of the app. 

After the app is finished downloading you'll be able to see the app in the "Installed" list of apps. 

You can then either open the app through the Creative Cloud application , however these apps are installed locally onto your device so you can search for the app as if it were any other app installed onto your device. 

Things of Note 

- Students are not able to make the request themselves , it must come from a member of staff from your Academic School. The reason for this is that each school has their own set of licences to hand out to Students that require them , because of this they are handed out at the discretion of the faculty. 

- While these apps can be installed onto personal devices , these are dependant on the licences attached to the RGU Account. Once you leave RGU , you will lose access to these apps. We are not able to offer any temporary access to the apps for any reason for Student accounts that are classified as Alumni or Staff members who have left their position within the university. 

- If you encounter any issues with any of these steps , please email us at or call us on 01224 262777 .