This is the current process for the self management of shared mailbox autoreplies. This process will only work if you are on an RGU Laptop or desktop and only for shared mailboxes you have access to.

The first section "Adding the mailbox to your profile list" is a one time configuration. After this has been done once you will be able to access the shared mailbox via your profile list and simply perform the "Configuring the autoreply" section from then on.

Adding the mailbox to your profile list

1. Go to the "Control Panel" on your PC, click "Mail (Microsoft Outlook)" then click "Show Profiles".

NB: If you can't see the Mail (Microsoft Outlook) button in your control panel, you may need to change the view to "Small icons" as shown below.


2. Click "Add". Enter a name for the new profile.

3. Enter the e-mail address of the shared mailbox in the email address box. Click "Next".

4. Click "Next" again then select "Work or school account". (n.b. This step may not appear, just move onto the next step).

5. When prompted for a password, click "Sign in with another account". (n.b. If you don't see this option, continue to the next step.)

6. Enter your own e-mail address then press "Next".

7. Enter your own RGU password then press "Sign in".

8. When back to the "Add Account" screen click "Next" then "Finish".


9. You will see your newly created profile in the list. Select the option "Prompt for a profile to be used". Click "OK" and the prompt will close. 

NB: Once you are finished with setting up your autoreplies, this button can be switched back to "Always use this profile" if you wish to return to opening your own Outlook profile instantly.

10. Start Outlook and select your new profile from the list.

Configuring the autoreply

1. Open Outlook. Click "File" then press the "Manage Rules & Alerts" button.

2. Click the "New Rule" button to open the "Rules Wizard". Click "Apply rules on messages I receive". Click "Next".


3. On the next screen check "Where my name is in the To or Cc box".


4. Next check "Have server reply using a specific message". Click the highlighted part of "A specific message".

5. Fill in the subject line and body of the Autoreply then click "Save & Close".


6. Finish the rules wizard, name the rule as you wish then ensure that "Turn on this rule" is checked.

You will know if the Autoreply is on if the box to the left of it is ticked.