If you require to make changes to the size of fonts while using the Citrix Workspace (MyApps) Virtual Desktops please follow the guide below:

1. Right Click the Start Menu (windows logo) at the bottom left of your screen and select Control Panel and select the option "Display"

2. Select the link "Set a custom Scaling Level" in the first paragraph under "Change size of Items" 


3.  Select a pre-set or custom number in the drop-box section or click and drag the scaler below to adjust the size of the example text below the scaler. 

4. Select "Ok" when you are happy with your sizing choice, then click Apply on the previous screen. You will then be prompted to sign out for these changes to take effect. 

After signing out , the virtual desktop will close. Re-launch the desktop from either the MyApps website, Citrix Receiver or log in to the thin client machine on campus. Once you're back on the desktop your text should be to the desired size!