Getting Started, logging in to the APP and Portal

Zoom is now available to use for all Staff with a full license for every member of staff and current student. You can access this using your RGU login credentials via the new portal:

The Zoom app can be downloaded to your personal device from

if you are using an RGU device, see the bottom part of this article for install instructions

 If you are using the Zoom website direct or Zoom APP please use the Sign in with SSO button to enable your use of your RGU account.   If you are asked to provide a domain, please enter: rgu-ac-uk

Your login username will be your full email address rather than your Student or Staff ID.

There are no relevant time limits on meetings and the Education license can support a capacity of 300 participants

There is a wealth of support knowledge and articles on the official Zoom website, and we strongly encourage staff and students to take a look if they need help getting started with Zoom.

Zoom on RGU Devices 


Zoom is available on on all Campus Desktops, and Laptops Windows/MAC providing they have the latest build

Desktop PC

To install Zoom on your RGU Desktop, go into the Software Centre from the Windows Start Menu.  Once open you will see a list of application available for install, locate the Zoom App and click to install or reinstall to update to the latest version.

Software Centre

RGU Laptop (only applicable to RGU laptops updated in 2020 and later)

To install Zoom on your RGU laptop go to The Company Portal via the start menu, and under the list of applications you will see the Zoom app available for install or reinstall to update to the latest version

 Company Portal

RGU MACs (applicable to RGU MACs updated in 2020 and later)

To install Zoom on your RGU MAC go to your RGU APPS portal under all applications (use Finder if you can't see it) From there locate Zoom to install, or reinstall to update to the latest version