ChemOffice Software Activation

There is a known issue at the moment with the license not always activating on Citrix and we are working to resolve this. If one of the ChemOffice suite products (Chem3D, ChemDraw Professional, ChemFinder or ChemFinder for Office) is showing as requiring activation please follow the guidance below.

Upon Launching one the ChemOffice Applications within Citrix you will be met with the following message below advising the activation code has expired.

Click Cancel (If you click OK it will just open a separate link to the PerkinElmer web page to purchase licensing)

The following window will then pop up (see below)

Click on More Options >>> in the bottom left 

Select ‘Activate later’ from the 3 checkbox options as above and click Activate. This will activate the ChemOffice application to allow you to continue using it.