Please follow the steps below to register your account for Multi Factor Authentication Access(MFA). We strongly recommend you download the Microsoft Authenticator application and set it up as the default authenticator. However, if you do not have a mobile phone that supports the Authenticator App you can also setup SMS/Voice call. 

  • Click Next on the Window saying More Information is required

At this point you will have 3 choice's whether you want to use the Microsoft Authenticator App or receive a voice call or a text message please scroll down to see all guides.

  • Use the Authenticator App - Click Next

Further options are available under "I want to use another authenticator app" and "I want to set up a different method". We recommend you use the Microsoft Authenticator app, however Google Authenticator is also supported.

Scan the QR code

Approve the Sign-in

Click Next and Done.

  • Use a landline or other telephone - I want to setup a different method (Voice Call)

Select Phone on the following screen and click Confirm

Select your country (United Kingdom in this case), input your phone number. Click Next after.

If you selected voice call, you will receive a call with further instructions.Please follow the instructions on the call.

Once finished, you will get a confirmation on the screen saying

Click Next and Done

  • Use a mobile phone to receive a text code (I want to setup a different method)

Input the code you've received on the following screen and click next

Once completed you will receive the following, click Done

If you wish to add further authentication methods, or review the existing ones you can do that by logging into your email account at select your initials in the top right hand side corner, select MyAccount, and Security Info on the left.