Printing and Photocopying facilities are available throughout the University Campus for Students

Add Credit to your Printing account 

Before any photocopying or printing can be completed , you have to have money in your account to be able to print/copy your files. 

You can do this by going to , login with your Student Number and account password and then select the option "Online Top-up" from the top ribbon ( Shown below ) 

You can then select how much you want to add , the minimum being £3 , the max £20. 

After completing the payment , returning to the "My Account" section should display your new balance amount there. 

Note: This can sometimes take 10 minutes to update , if after 1 hour your credit has not appeared on your account contact us at and we can look into the account for you.

How to print on Campus

Sending a document to be printed

There are two ways to send a print job to the printers located on campus,. This depends if you are on an RGU device or on a personal one. Accessing the printer and printing off the document after sending it will be the same no matter what kind of device you're on. 

RGU Device

If you are using an RGU device (Such as a lab computer or a thin client device in the library) , the default printer will be the option "PrintAtRGU" when selecting the "Print" option on most applications. For example when printing from word it will look like below : 

Simply select the options you require for the print and select the option "Print" , this will send the job to your queue. You can then scroll down to the section "How to print off your queue". 

Personal Device

Personal devices will not have direct access to the printers by default , you will instead need to use the website while connected to the RGU network ( Eduroam ). 

Login with your Student ID and account password, you should then be shown a screen like below. Select "Choose file" and upload the file you want to print off , and select "next". 

After selecting next , there will be a small processing time it will then display as above , "Awaiting Release". If you require to print off multiple copies, make the print double-sided or print in black/white select "Advanced" and make the changes you require. 

Once you're ready , select the "Print @ RGU" button to the left of advanced. The status should change to "Printing" along with the message "Your print job has been sent to the selected printer successfully" 

How to print off your queue

After your files have been successfully sent to be print off , find your nearest printer and follow the below guide : 

- Swipe your Student ID card 

- Click OK , when your details are shown 

- Select the print job you want to print off , then select "print", or select the option "Print all" if you've uploaded multiple and want them all to come at once. 

- Your files should now print off

Two Notes : 

1 - remember to LOG OUT of the printer when you've finished as staying logged into one printer will lock you out of other if that one is kept open. 

2 - Printing Queues are cleared from PrintAtRGU after two days if they are not retrieved. 

Copying and Scanning

The Canon multifunctional devices are also copiers and scanners. To use them for copying or scanning, please see the notes below:
  • Copying
    • Swipe your ID card 
    • Click on OK when your details are shown 

    •  Click COPY on the next screen 

    •  Select the relevant settings for your copies (double side,, etc.) 

    • Log Out

  • Scanning
    • Swipe your ID card 
    • Click on Ok when your details are shown  

    • Click on the ‘Home’ button to the left of the screen. Alternatively, if there is no Home button, click on the right arrow in the top right hand corner of the next window  

    • Scan as normal

    • Log out