There's a central print queue called Print@RGU available university wide which will allow both staff and students to collect print jobs from Canon Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) that are scattered across the University campus. Print jobs can be sent in a variety of ways - including from home. Read on for more info...

  1. Sending a print job to Print@RGU
  2. Locating a Multifunctional Device (MFDs)
  3. Collecting your printout(s)
  4. Copying and Scanning
  5. Accessing Print@RGU
    • Print@RGU already installed
    • MyApps
    • EveryonePrint Website

1. Sending a print job to Print@RGU

Print@rgu is the default printer of all RGU PCs, if you want to print from your own device you can use the everyone print web portal link below (only available on campus wifi Eduroam)

2. Collecting your printout(s)

Go to any Print@RGU enabled multifunctional device on campus (they are labeled) and follow the 5 step printing instructions below within 2 days from submitting your print request: 

  • Swipe your ID card
  • Click on OK When your details are shown
  • Select the print request that you want to print
  • Press PRINT
  • When you have finished, press the ID button to logout
  • Print Jobs will be deleted from Print@rgu if they are not retrieved within 2 days (48hrs)
3. Copying and scanning

The Canon multifunctional devices are also copiers and scanners. To use them for copying or scanning, please see the notes below: 
  • Copying
    • Swipe your ID card 
    • Click on OK when your details are shown 

    •  Click COPY on the next screen 

    •  Select the relevant settings for your copies (double side,, etc.) 

    •  When you have finished, press the ID button to logout

  • Scanning 
    • Swipe your ID card 
    • Click on Ok when your details are shown  

    • Click on the ‘Home’ button to the left of the screen. Alternatively, if there is no Home button, click on the right arrow in the top right hand corner of the next window  

    • Scan as normal   

    • When you have finished, press the ID button to logout

4 Accessing Print @ RGU 
There are a number of ways to send jobs to Print @ RGU depending on the device you are using. The below table will identify which are available to you, and link you to the relevant instructions.
  Print@RGU   Already Installed MyApps

EveryonePrint Website

EveryonePrint - Driver Print Recommended Option
Windows PC  in University X X X NA Print@RGU
At Home
NA MyApps
Thin Client  X X X NA Print@RGU
Mac  in University
X X NA MyApps
At Home
NA MyApps
Laptop  University Device X X X NA Print@RGU or My Apps

Personal Device
X X NA MyApps
iPad and other Tablets 
X X NA MyApps
  • Print @ RGU Already Installed - any PC, Thin Client and Laptop device purchased by the university and set up by a member of our technical staff, whether that be a staff machine or in an IT lab, will have the Print@RGU queue deployed to it automatically. If you are having difficulties please contact the IT Helpdesk
  • MyApps - this allows the user to access RGU resources from a multitude of devices, which is particularly useful if working or studying off campus. The Print@RGU queue is available from all available applications.

  • EveryonePrint Website - This website allows a user to send any saved Microsoft Office document, PDF file, or image file that they have on the device they are working on, to Print@RGU queue - this is currently only available on the university network. The web address and instructions can be found below:

    Address - - use university login details