Remote Access
Staff can access the RGU Desktop by using Citrix Workspace which is installed on all devices with a RGU build (Windows and Mac).

You can access the guide on how access your RGU Desktop HERE (If you are using and RGU Device Citrix is pre installed and will not need to be installed)

Tips and useful Info

  • Use your H: or O: drive when saving your files.
  • From inside the remote desktop, you can't work on files stored on the device you're using. You can only access/save/modify/delete files on your H: or O: drive.
  • You can't add your own programs to the remote desktop.
  • You should be able to print to your local printer.
  • At the end of your session, log out. If you just close the client window this will leave your Remote Desktop session running. It will eventually be stopped automatically, but you will lose any unsaved data.
  • If you have any issues please contact the Helpdesk by phone on 01224 262777 or email at and we will be able to remote in and assist.


ess your Voicemail externally

You can access your voicemail externally by:

  1. Calling your own extension - 01224 26 #### - and let it go to voicemail
  2. Interupt the voicemail prompt by pressing *
  3. You will be asked to enter your ID - this is your extension followed by #
  4. Enter your PIN followed by #

Forward your extension number to another number

You can forward your extension number to your home or mobile phone by:

  1. Select the Call Forward Fuction on your desk phone - this could be CFwd, CFwdALL or Fwd All
  2. Enter 9 followed by your mobile or Home number.

Accessing Outlook

Outlook should already be setup on your laptop but staff can also access Webmail by clicking HERE.

Shared Mailboxes
If you have access to shared mailboxes you will need to take a note of their email addresses and click HERE for the guide on how to add them into outlook.

Video Conferencing

TEAMS - Windows - MAC

TEAMS can be downloaded onto a personal device by using the Guide HERE